Rotary face washer electric cleaning brush

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Features: Portable Waterproof Rotary Cleansing

Color: white, pink, gold

Product Features:
1. Soft and thin bamboo charcoal brush head, power cleaning brush head, special brush for makeup remover, three-in-one effective quick cleaning, makeup remover.
2. Dual-frequency variable, the micro-circulation can also massage the skin. Low speed 300 times / min, it is recommended to be dry and sensitive
Sex, acne muscle use; high speed 450 times / min, it is recommended to use thicker and oily skin.
3. The working time is intelligently locked for 2 minutes, brighten the skin tone, refine the pores, and the service is more intimate.
4. Streamlined body, IP65 dustproof and waterproof design, can be used during bathing.
5. Protect the cover with 24 small round holes, which are ventilated and dehydrated to inhibit bacterial growth.


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