Oral care beauty instrument to remove stains, teeth cleaning device, tooth whitening instrument

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1. Dyeing caused by external staining of teeth, such as smoking, coffee, soy sauce, tea, etc. 

2, age-related yellow teeth, black teeth, gray teeth. 

3, mild to moderate tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, or other factors caused by discolored teeth. By optical principle, the effect of whitening teeth can be achieved by illuminating cold light without harming oral health!

Steps for usage: 

 The first step: brush your teeth first; 

 Step 2: Dry your teeth with a tissue or cotton pad; 

 Step 3: Apply gel to the instrument or teeth (the effect on the teeth is better); 

 Step 4: Use the mouth to bite the beautiful tooth meter; it is recommended to use it once a night before going to bed, so the effect will be better.

Material: ABS + medical poly






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