Blackhead artifact

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  • Updated version and safe use]: This is an updated version. After a long period of careful study, the shape is very slim, looks delicate and cute, and very easy to hold. It uses environmentally friendly ABS material to physically solve a variety of skin problems without any chemicals.
  • [The strongest suction]: This product has three-speed adjustment function, high-intensity motor, super suction.
  • [Display and stand function]: Compared with the past, the blackhead cleaner can be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, etc. It is very convenient to place and store.
  • [Solution]: The pore cleanser can effectively solve skin problems such as rough pores, dark skin, blackheads, pores, dirt and nose. Five different shapes of probe replacement tools improve skin elasticity and firm skin.
  • [5 Detachable Probes]: This facial pore cleanser has 5 detachable probes with suction, so you can choose the right black head or other sputum and facial skin problems according to your needs.


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