6 in1 Ultrasound Body EMS Slimming Photon LED Therapy Facial Massager

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  • ♦ 5 functions in 1 kit – Multifunctional skin tightening machine is good for face and body of daily care, it has ion, EMS, sound, vibration, R-F and 5 colourful light functions. You could get your own professional skin care at home.
  • ♦ R-F & Ion function - give your skin warm massage, restore the elasticity of the skin and improve the absorption rate of nutrients in skin care products. Positive ions good in deep cleansing; negative ions in the skin make the nutrition of beauty essences completely absorbent.
  • ♦ EMS & High vibration number - EMS massage can train the muscles, achieve the effect of decomposition of the skin of the oil, makes the skin shiny and firming. And through micro-vibration cleansing massage effectively deep pores to achieve comprehensive clean effect.
  • ♦ Anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation - Nutrition import penetration compared to ions from the skin surface is 1 mm about 10 times, 4 mm about 27 times. The active ingredients in the skin can be guaranteed. So you really feel to improve the skin and delay ageing effect. Promotes facial blood circulation, improve the production of collagen, eliminate dark circle, reduce swelling and wrinkles.
  • ♦ LED photo therapy – Adopting LED photon therapy releases energy for soothing effect, which is activated deep cells and strengthen microvessels to solve different skin problems, no high heat and no side effects, suitable for all skin types.

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