How Nike Started its business?

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Nike is the brand that is as host as many of the athletes who endorse and publicize it. The journey of Nike was started with Phil Knight who was an accounting student at the University of Oregon and a middle-distance runner.
At the University of Oregon, he runs for a field team and school’s track by putting him with his coaches named Bill Bowerman. Their love for sports was the thing that brought them together, but they had an amazing love for sports technology, apparel, and shoes.
Study completion
In 1962 Phil Knight finished his studies. After the study, he went on an amazing trip across the globe.
Knight got a special chance to put the theory for testing with the trip to Japan after his graduation. He looked the deal with the Japanese businessmen group to export Tiger shoes to the US.
Coach Bowerman supports Knight’s venture by entering a 50-50 business deal of owner shipping of a new company.
In Japan, Knight begun to import Japanese running shoes to the U.S. He only invested $500. In return, he had 200 pairs of shoes in the United State.
He was serving Onitsuka Tiger. He thought that it would be much better to start his own business and earn more profit.
After Founding new venture Blue sports, Knight examined the waters for the imported shoes and initially selling them out of the car while back to the states. Demand existed for these shoes was cheaper but still of high-quality as compared to Pumas and Adidas which dominated recently in the market.
In 1965, Bowerman proposed the best and new design of the shoe to the Tiger shoe venture. This design offers a better level of support for the runners and has well-cushioned innersole.
The design gives major success as well as a source of conflict among Blue Ribbon and Japenese suppliers. The shoe dropped in the year 1976 and soon became the instant hit for sturdy, stylish, and comfortable design.
Time of success
All around the time of success, relations soured among Tiger and Blue Ribbon. Knight declares that Japenese company was searching for the best deal with Blue Ribbon and attempted to sink the company.
On the other hand, the tiger claims to have found Blue Ribbon Sports that seeking its version of Tiger Cortez under a new product line named Nike.
In 1971, Jeff Johnson who was employee thought up the name of the company was Nike. Nike was tought up after the great Greek Goddess of victory.
Finally, Knight got the name of his new company, but he still needed the logo. Caroline Davidson was a student at the University of Oregon. She asked Knight that she would design a beautiful logo for Nike. According to her, this logo will be well-known across the world as “The Swoosh”.
Firs Model of Nike
Nike released fir models of “Air Max Line” in 1987. The comfortable feeling convinced lots of people to purchase a pair. At the start, Nike was only known for the best running shoe company. Later on, in 1984, Nike had also signed Michael Jordan who was a basketball play that is part of Nike till now.
Expansion of Business
For late 1980, Nike expanded the business and also diversified product lines via many acquisitions like
The shoe companies Cole Hann and Converse Inc 1988 and was sold in 2012
The sports-equipment producer named Canstar Sports, Inc. 1994, Later called Bauer and was sold in 2008
The athletic apparel & equipment company Umbro in 2008 and sold in 2012
In 1996, the company produces NIKE ACG that markets all products for extreme sports like mountain biking and extreme sports. In the 21st century, Nike started to sell sport-related accessories like wrist compasses, monitors, etc.
Endorsements and NIKE Success
The success of NIKE is owed to be endorsements by many athletes like Roger Federer, tiger woods, Mian Hamm, and Michael Jordan.
In 1990, NIKETown chain stores were opened to pay some tribute to a spoken person. The main aim of the store is to offer consumers the best and high-quality Nike product ranges.
But in 1990, the image of the company was suffered from disclosures about the poor working situations in overseas factories.
Slogan and its symbolic representation
According to the company knowledge, one of the easily recognized and famous slogans in the advertising history is “Just Do It” that was coined at a meeting of Nike ad’s agency in 1988. Nike gas been associated always with sporting success. It also pays many dollars to high-quality athletes to support its product from Tiger woods to Michael Jordan. Most people are purchased Nike products to share the success of these favorite stars.
With super cool advertising, the company will not make only your running fast but also make your overall look awesome. Nike in the sense define supercool for the whole young generation and sportspeople. Nike was always ready to embody amazing performance on the football field, golf greens, and tennis court.
Athlete and Nike Relation
According to Bowerman:
“If you have the body, then you are an athlete”. It defines the main aim of Nike that enables it to pursue its concentration. If you have a good body, then you are an athlete and if there are athletes then there will Nike.
Quick Facts
Early prototypes of Nike were manufacturers from kangaroo and fish.
It was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman on 25th, January 1964.
The company was founded for a college assignment.
The largest store of Nike is situated in London and it comprises 42,000 square feet.
The slogan “Just Do It” was inspired by the last words of Gary Gilmore.
Footwear for Nike is prepared in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Most of Shoes have been manufactured in the USA.
62,000 employees were working for the company across the world.
Swoosh only costs $35. The logo of Nike came before the company name.
First Nike shoe football cleat was sold with company name and logo in 1971

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