How NIKE changed world sports.for good?

Sports is the glue binding us all, irrespective of who we are.

We play, we learn. It teaches us to accept defeat, and enjoy success. Sports test our persistence, our mental strength, and reward intelligence, teamwork, and passion.

When athletes are giving their best, pushing their physical limits every day, Nike came as their friend to provide world-class sports gear. But, great quality is just not a single reason, why people love Nike.

NIKE’s Message
NIKE's message is very simple. If you have a body, you are an athlete. May be fighting some other war, in the corporate or stock market, or at home. They sell sports gears, but they talk about emotional stimuli inside sports.

Never Give up, if you want to, ‘just do it’.

Started by the visionaries Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, with a simple aim to provide better shoes to the runners. Currently, it is one of the best athletic apparel, accessories, and footwear brands in the world.

What NIKE is doing in COVID-19?
One thing which separates NIKE from its other competitor is their approach to build a deep relationship with their customers and stakeholders.

Recently, when they realized the acute shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the health workers, who are frontline in this war of humanity with coronavirus, NIKE used its inventory to produce face shields for the corona warriors.

Apparel cords, Collar padding used in shoes, and Nike Air soles were re-designed and transformed into Personal protection equipment.

Innovation at NIKE
At the core of the NIKE’s business model is innovation, it is in their nature to innovate, this fuels their high-standards, and performance of the athletes equipped with NIKE. Their latest innovations such as NIKE Flywire support system, Hyperdunk Basketball Shoe, Lunarlite foam cushioning, etc. are empowering athletes all across the globe.

NIKE’s success is driven by their insightful deep relationships with their customers, and their passion to empower people, to realize the endless possibilities for human potential.

Today, NIKE is pushing its luck in categories such as Men’s training, running gears, women’s training, Action sports, Soccer, Sportswear, and Basketball.

Sustainable NIKE
As NIKE outsources most of its production outside the US to the East Asian countries, they were always haunted by the allegations of pathetic working conditions in their manufacturing units.

Though initially, they responded ignorantly by shrugging the blame on the contractors, later they realized their mistake, and since then NIKE is fully committed to providing better working conditions, minimum wages, and measures to avoid Safety & Health hazards for the workers.

NIKE has positioned itself as a top-quality, caring, personalized, and fashionable premium brand.

The high-performance products of NIKE enable world athletes, to achieve success in the highly competitive paradigm of modern sports. 

Why are we talking about NIKE?
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